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About Digital Art / Professional Jason A. Santiago33/Male/United States Group :iconwarriors-of-remnant: Warriors-of-Remnant
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Jason A. Santiago
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Line-art Drawings

Line art drawings start at $35
Lindsay Inks by TheRogueSPiDER Arctic line art by TheRogueSPiDER C.E.D.A.R. line art by TheRogueSPiDER

Add $20 per additional character

Add $15 - $20 for full background, depending on amount of detail.
Liliya Esfir  lines by TheRogueSPiDER

Colored Drawings

Colored drawing start at $45 for a single character. 
This includes cell-shade coloring and a simple background design.
Damara by TheRogueSPiDER Riley by TheRogueSPiDER Ailsa by TheRogueSPiDER

Add $25 per additional character. 
This is My Bird by TheRogueSPiDERCrystal's Semblence by TheRogueSPiDER

Add $20 - $30 for full background, depending on amount of detail.
Phiorra vs White Fang fighter by TheRogueSPiDER Lysing by TheRogueSPiDER Barth Varega: One Arm Warrior by TheRogueSPiDER 
More intricate coloring styles available at additional cost 
The Unstoppable by TheRogueSPiDER Crystal v Kyrrah by TheRogueSPiDER Sirce 2 by TheRogueSPiDER Miyuki's Night by TheRogueSPiDER C.D. Gainsboro by TheRogueSPiDER

*Special* $120 for a group of four (vs $180 for four individual characters*Special*
Dustbenders: The Legend of RWBY by TheRogueSPiDER Team CIST by TheRogueSPiDER Dustbenders: CMEA Lotus by TheRogueSPiDER 



All paintings start at $150.
Inquire further for a price quote.

  Green Witch by TheRogueSPiDER Purple Witch by TheRogueSPiDER RWBY Movie Poster by TheRogueSPiDER
Flarex vs Zadala by TheRogueSPiDER The summoning of Orzoul by TheRogueSPiDER


Character Design

Character concepts (up to 5 designs/variations) $75
Onix outfits concept by TheRogueSPiDER

Character Reference/Model Sheet (up to four views plus accessories, two-tone coloring) $60
Quaralia model sheet by TheRogueSPiDER Miyuki Model Sheet by TheRogueSPiDER Inari model sheet by TheRogueSPiDER
(chibi not included)

3D modeling reference sheet (3 sides, line-art + grayscale shading) $50,
$10 per additional side, add $15 for color
 Onix Modeling Sheet by TheRogueSPiDERBones model sheet by TheRogueSPiDER


Also Available:
Scenes / landscapes / environments 
Hideaway by TheRogueSPiDER Closing Time by TheRogueSPiDER Transmission Tower by TheRogueSPiDER 
Jungle Cliffs by TheRogueSPiDER The Vault by TheRogueSPiDER Ice Hermit by TheRogueSPiDER


I typically work at these sizes (your preference): 
International A4 - 2480x3508 pixels
US Letter 8.5"x11" - 2550x3300 px
16:9 aspect ration - 3840x2160 px 
16:9 aspect ration - 5000x2813 px (painting only)
US Tabloid 11"x17" - 5100x3300 px (painting only)
other sizes or specific dimensions can be accommodated. 

Not exactly what you're looking for? If the particular kinda of artwork/style your interested in isn't listed about, no worries, just let me know what you need. I can accommodate most requests. For all commission inquires, send me a note for a price quote. Paypal is a must. Average wait from time of inquire to finished image is about 2 months. Payment is NOT required until I'm ready to being, but IS required before I start. If you feel the wait is to long, you can cancel at any time, no hard feelings. While initial placement on the Commission List is based upon first-come-first-served, preference is given to those who choose to pay sooner. Sorry, I do not accept points. Thanks everyone! ~JAS 

Commission List

Up coming commissions:

  1. mirzers - paid - finished - Ginger Naps
  2. K-L-Bryan - paid - finished - Olympia
  3. Necrokira - paid - finished
  4. MrxReDnEsSX274 - paid - in progress
  5. greybidoof
  6. pokefreak13388 
  7. Deadmau76
  8. Son0fIcarus

*Special WoR yearbook commissions*  limited time only (price change notice: $7.50 per character)

  1. K-L-Bryan x4 - paid - in progress
  2. Youryuu-Ren x4 - paid - finished
  3. CasterAU x4 - paid - finished
  4. K-L-Bryan x4 - paid - in progress
  5. ThanhnuFia x1 - paid
  6. theGhormanKing x4  - paid - finished
  7. K-L-Bryan x4 - paid - in progress

Previous Comms:
Winter 2014/2015

  1. Tsubori - paid - finished - Phiorra vs White Fang fighter
  2. pokefreak13388  - paid - finished - Team MLIT
  3. ThanhnuFia - paid - finished - 
  4. K-L-Bryan - paid - finished - Team CBLT
  5. Rosenkruex - paid - finished - Ruby vs the Spectre
  6. RoaringEmber - paid - finished - Roaring Ember
Spring/summer 2015
  1. Rosenkruex - paid - finished - The summoning of Orzoul
  2. pokefreak13388 - paid - finished - Quaralia model sheet
  3. MrxReDnEsSX274 - paid - finished - Lysing
  4. JumpingJO3 - paid - finished - Arctic
  5. K-L-Bryan - paid - finished - C.E.D.A.R.
  6. Cykey3: - paid - finished - Liliya Esfir
  7. Rassilon001 - paid - finished - Dustbenders: CMEA Lotus
  8. pokefreak13388 - paid - finished - Miyuki's Night
Fall/Winter 2015 -2016
  1. ThanhnuFia - paid - finished - Sirce 2
  2. MrxReDnEsSX274 - paid - finished - Closing Time
  3. hotjazz - paid - finished - Flarex vs Zadala
  4. ThanhnuFia - paid - finished - Team CIST
  5. pokefreak13388 - paid - finished - Leo and Forest

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